Hoffman Animal Hospital (HAH) is proud to be a blood donor site for the Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank (BRVBB). BRVBB is the largest all canine volunteer humane blood bank in the country consisting of 100% canine volunteer companion animal donors.  They supply local animal hospitals, emergency, and cancer care treatment centers, university teaching hospitals, and help multiple non-profit groups.  Blood donors can come in all breeds, with common traits of good temperament, confidence and have been handled or exposed to varying situations outside of the house.  Blood donors should be 1 to 7 years old and weigh at least 35lbs.  Being a blood donor comes with some great benefits, such as free health exams by BRVBB LVT’s or DVM’s, annual blood screenings, annual Lyme, heartworm, Ehrlichia, and anaplasma screenings, and of course, treats, snuggles, and bragging rights!  Check out the BRVBB website for more donor information, or next time you’re in, pick up one of their brochures.