Fear Free Visits

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Here at Hoffman Animal Hospital, our doctors are fear free certified. This means we strive to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in your pet.  We start by allowing your pet to become acclimated to the room while we obtain a history.  Then we provide positive reinforcements (i.e. treats, toys, cheese, pup cups!) to ease into an examination.  Please bring your pet hungry if possible! Also, please let us know if you or anyone in your household has a peanut allergy so we can be sure to keep you and your pet safe.  If you would like you can bring your pets favorite treat or toy to use during their visit.  

During our visit we will clearly explain what we are doing and why, as sometimes we will desensitize an area to touch by petting or scratching when it may look from the outside that we are enjoying some extra pets! If for some reason, your pet is displaying increased fear or anxiety, we will discuss what the best steps are for your pet; which may include pre-visit medications, “happy visits, or sedation if deemed necessary.  A “happy visit” is where a patient arrives, receives a treat, then leaves to increase a positive association with our practice.  This is at no cost to you and can pay dividends to future visits for your pet!  For our feline friends, we utilize pheromones and towels for handling to reduce the stress of the visit.  If they find it more comfortable, we may opt to perform their examination in their carrier.  We listen to your pet and adjust as they tell us what they need.

Benefits of Fear Free Visits

Although it may seem to take a little longer during the visit to get to the vaccination or treatment part of the visit, the goal is to consider the long-term emotional wellbeing of your pet versus the short “get it done”. By reducing stress for your pet, we reduce the chances of veterinary visits becoming increasingly more stressful each visit; which can have negative effects on your pets health and overall wellbeing. For more information please visit the Fear Free Happy Homes website.