Mar 18 2020

Hoffman Animal Hospital COVID-19 Information and Update

December, 2020


It has been some time since we last gave everyone a Covid-19 update, but the truth is that not much has changed since our last update in the summer. The Maryland State Veterinary Board continues to strongly recommend that business still be conducted curbside. On a few nice weather days recently, we conducted a trial on performing examinations of pets outside in our fenced in, all weather turf kennel yard. Our “exam room” consisted of a tent, exam table, computer, standard supplies and chairs for clients (10 feet away). The feedback from clients who participated was overwhelmingly positive and some reported that they felt their pet seem more relaxed during the outside exam. We will revisit this in the Spring should Covid conditions still require curbside service.

We will be upgrading our phone system in the coming months to give you and us more options for more efficient communications. We’ll keep you updated on the progress via Facebook.

Everyone here at Hoffman Animal Hospital wishes you and your family a safe and happy holiday season and we thank you for your continued support.

Lisa Hoffman, DVM

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