Dental Services

Dental Services

Professional dental care is as important for pets as it is for humans. Just like your ownBrush_Cats_Teeth.png dentist, veterinary dental professionals are equipped with expert knowledge and tools required to identify oral health issues and perform specialized procedures. Our highly skilled veterinary team members are committed to optimizing your pet’s oral health and preventing oral disease for life.

The significance of maintaining the health of a pet’s oral health is key to ensuring a pet’s total health. Many systemic health problems are either a direct result of oral disease or are aggravated by its presence. The converse is also true: many systemic diseases may contribute to oral disease.

More than 85% of pets have dental disease that requires immediate control or treatment.Routine teeth cleaning and polishing, radiography, treatment of advanced periodontal disease, extractions of diseased or infected teeth and minor oral surgery are the procedures we offer and perform for our patient’s as a complete dental program.

Common signs of oral disease:

• Bad breath

• Loose or discolored teeth

• Bleeding gums

• Sensitivity around the mouth.

If you suspect your pet has a dental problem, contact our office for a consultation immediately. Regular dental check-ups and preventative home care along with a knowledgeable veterinary team can help improve and sustain not only your pet’s oral health, but their overall health as well.

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