1Hoffman Animal Hospital patients are invited to utilize our boarding facilities, which include full-sized dog runs, kennels, "kitty condos," and connecting rooms for pets from the same household.

Upon arrival, all pets are evaluated by a boarding or hospital technician for fleas and any obvious health conditions. Pets with fleas are treated with Capstar, at an additional charge to the pet owner. Obvious health problems are noted, and the attending veterinarian notified. If the veterinarian deems the health issue requires treatment, all efforts are made to contact the owner. Pets with serious, untreated illness are not admitted for boarding without authorization for treatment.

Check-in and Check-out Times
We require our boarders dropped off and/or picked up at the following scheduled times. Requests for pick-up/drop-off outside of these times will incur an additional fee of $15.

Monday through Friday
10am to 6pm

9am to 1pm

Sundays and Holidays
No pick-ups or drop-offs

If the pet is picked up before 12:30 p.m. on the final day, there is no charge for that day.

For more information about boarding or to make a reservation
call 410.757.3566 or request an appointment online.