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Message to Garcia ProgramSupporting Veterans and their Service Dogs

“A Message to Garcia” is a lesson that is taught early in most military careers and describes an individual that was given a “message”. He traversed far and hard to deliver his message, never knowing what that message was or for, never asking why, just knowing his mission was critical to his team’s success. It is a story of perseverance, dedication, loyalty, trust, and
integrity. This story defines who our country’s veterans are.

We see the immense impact that service dogs can have on our veteran community, and through our Message to Garcia Program we are thrilled to provide a free wellness plan and preventatives for our veteran service dogs. The cost of ensuring the health of their service dog should not be a battle our veterans are fighting.

We are honored to carry our Message to Garcia, providing that loyalty and dedication to our veterans, just as they did for us as a country and their fellow servicemen before.

If you are interested in participating in our program, please contact us to schedule an appointment and complete an application to enroll. We thank you for your service.